Audio2Face commercial usage

Hello! I have a team of 3 developers working on a commercial project currently. I’m really interested in using Audio2Face in my project. However, I’m not quite clear on whether the Omniverse license states whether I can use Audio2Face commercially or not.
Mainly - Does it mean that only 2 of my developers can work on omniverse at a time or is it that we cannot use omiverse for commercial purposes because my project has more than 2 members?
Would love to have this cleared as I’d love to use this tool for facial animation in my project.

@abhishek32 i am just another user, but i wonder if this is something @Ehsan.HM can provide input on. i am tagging him here because this isn’t in the A2F channel and might get overlooked by the dev team.

It can be used on a commercial project as long as 2 users are using Audio2Face.

In the future some features to make Audio2Face scalable will be a paid product. But the core features will stay free.