Audio2Face Commercial License

Hi, we are considering using Audio2Face for a newly developed game project in Unreal. It will be a larger commercial project. Our team has 25+ members. We would use it for the pre-recorded audio.

Is it possible to license only Audio2Face or do I need to have an Omniverse Enterprise license? If only A2F can be licensed then what are the conditions?


Hi @petr_adam,

Currently Audio2Face provides two free licenses while it’s in beta. Team size is not relevant, the number of A2F users is. If you can live with the two-license limit, then you would not need an OV enterprise license.

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Thank you very much for the answer. Have a nice day.

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Where can I find more information about the license?

perhaps this is what you are after?

if there is another more specific to A2F, i’ll let @Ehsan.HM point you in the right direction!

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What about using it for production? That implies to use the nvidia enterprise license? Also in production it is not scalable to use one audio2face headless for each user. There is more information around this topic?