error -30 buildprogram


I use clBuildprogram to build my code, and I get an error -30, I print this error using this code

[codebox]shrLog(" Error %i build program !!!\n\n", ciErrNum);[/codebox]

How can I get the real error name,

like CL_INVALID_PROGRAM for example.



there are not too much errors you can get, so keep them in mind ))

Yhanks, it was a devicenumber problem,

now I’m getting error 1, I’m assuming that it’s CL_INVALID_PROGRAM,

is there a wiki with the errors and there number

afaik, these numbers are the internal nvidia’s stuff

There was a thread either here in the NVIDIA forum or over at Khronos that had code for a large switch statement over all error codes that returned a human readable equivalent.

Found it…f=37&t=2107

That’s perfect, thank you !


that’s very helpful

you can also just check the file cl.h