clBuildProgram confusion

I have an OpenCL program that will compile and run just fine on an nVidia GeForce GTX 1050, but won’t compile at all on a Lenovo P50 with an nVidia Quadro M2000M. I get the following error from clGetProgramBuildInfo

fcl build 1 succeeded.

error: undefined reference to `jmp()’
error: backend compiler failed build.

Obviously, I have no clue how that happened. So I thought maybe somehow my program isn’t compiling behind the scenes and there’s some issue with my code that a difference in driver details between the two GPUs makes manifest. To take a deeper dive, I thought I’d pass the parameter to clBuildProgram that as -cl-nv-verbose, and get more details. However, I get nothing.

Any ideas?

Other, simpler CL programs compile and run just fine in the same application, so I don’t believe this to be a configuration issue.

what are the GPU driver versions on the machine with the GTX 1050 and the machine with the M2000M ?

The driver on the M2000M is 388.19, which, I updated when I did the CUDA Computing Kit installation.

On the GTX, I don’t have the number handy but I also updated it to the latest CUDA Computing Kit and after dillying with an INCLUDE path everything worked. So, its something about the M2000M and driver combination that sinks me.

Confirming that the drivers on both are 388.19.