[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Device reset in nvfSwapchain Present

HI, I’m new to isaac gym and I’ve been trying to run basic examples.
The program seems to work fine without rendering(python train.py task=Ant headless=True)
but I’m getting the error of “[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Device reset in nvfSwapchain Present” when I run
(python train.py task=Ant headless=false) and it won’t render
Please help me out thank you

Here is my full log

Importing module ‘gym_38’ (/home/rilab/ampNew/isaacgym/python/isaacgym/_bindings/linux-x86_64/gym_38.so)
Setting GYM_USD_PLUG_INFO_PATH to /home/rilab/ampNew/isaacgym/python/isaacgym/_bindings/linux-x86_64/usd/plugInfo.json
Warning: Gym version v0.24.1 has a number of critical issues with gym.make such that environment observation and action spaces are incorrectly evaluated, raising incorrect errors and warning . It is recommend to downgrading to v0.23.1 or upgrading to v0.25.1
train.py:49: UserWarning:
The version_base parameter is not specified.
Please specify a compatability version level, or None.
Will assume defaults for version 1.1
@hydra.main(config_name=“config”, config_path=“./cfg”)
/home/rilab/.pyenv/versions/rlgpuNew/lib/python3.8/site-packages/hydra/_internal/defaults_list.py:251: UserWarning: In ‘config’: Defaults list is missing _self_. See Changes to default composition order | Hydra for more information
warnings.warn(msg, UserWarning)
/home/rilab/.pyenv/versions/rlgpuNew/lib/python3.8/site-packages/hydra/_internal/defaults_list.py:415: UserWarning: In config: Invalid overriding of hydra/job_logging:
Default list overrides requires ‘override’ keyword.
See Defaults List Overrides | Hydra for more information.

/home/rilab/.pyenv/versions/rlgpuNew/lib/python3.8/site-packages/hydra/_internal/hydra.py:119: UserWarning: Future Hydra versions will no longer change working directory at job runtime by default.
See Changes to job's runtime working directory | Hydra for more information.
ret = run_job(
PyTorch version 1.13.1+cu116
Device count 1
Using /home/rilab/.cache/torch_extensions/py38_cu116 as PyTorch extensions root…
Emitting ninja build file /home/rilab/.cache/torch_extensions/py38_cu116/gymtorch/build.ninja…
Building extension module gymtorch…
Allowing ninja to set a default number of workers… (overridable by setting the environment variable MAX_JOBS=N)
[1/2] c++ -MMD -MF gymtorch.o.d -DTORCH_EXTENSION_NAME=gymtorch -DTORCH_API_INCLUDE_EXTENSION_H -DPYBIND11_COMPILER_TYPE="_gcc" -DPYBIND11_STDLIB="_libstdcpp" -DPYBIND11_BUILD_ABI="_cxxabi1011" -isystem /home/rilab/.pyenv/versions/rlgpuNew/lib/python3.8/site-packages/torch/include -isystem /home/rilab/.pyenv/versions/rlgpuNew/lib/python3.8/site-packages/torch/include/torch/csrc/api/include -isystem /home/rilab/.pyenv/versions/rlgpuNew/lib/python3.8/site-packages/torch/include/TH -isystem /home/rilab/.pyenv/versions/rlgpuNew/lib/python3.8/site-packages/torch/include/THC -isystem /home/rilab/.pyenv/versions/3.8.10/include/python3.8 -D_GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI=0 -fPIC -std=c++14 -DTORCH_MAJOR=1 -DTORCH_MINOR=13 -c /home/rilab/ampNew/isaacgym/python/isaacgym/_bindings/src/gymtorch/gymtorch.cpp -o gymtorch.o
[2/2] c++ gymtorch.o -shared -L/home/rilab/.pyenv/versions/rlgpuNew/lib/python3.8/site-packages/torch/lib -lc10 -ltorch_cpu -ltorch -ltorch_python -o gymtorch.so
Loading extension module gymtorch…
/home/rilab/ampNew/isaacgym/python/isaacgym/torch_utils.py:135: DeprecationWarning: np.float is a deprecated alias for the builtin float. To silence this warning, use float by itself. Doing this will not modify any behavior and is safe. If you specifically wanted the numpy scalar type, use np.float64 here.
Deprecated in NumPy 1.20; for more details and guidance: NumPy 1.20.0 Release Notes — NumPy v1.25.dev0 Manual
def get_axis_params(value, axis_idx, x_value=0., dtype=np.float, n_dims=3):
2023-01-23 13:25:42,452 - INFO - logger - logger initialized
:3: DeprecationWarning: invalid escape sequence *
Error: FBX library failed to load - importing FBX data will not succeed. Message: No module named ‘fbx’
FBX tools must be installed from Help
name: Ant
physics_engine: physx
numEnvs: 4096
envSpacing: 5
episodeLength: 1000
enableDebugVis: False
clipActions: 1.0
powerScale: 1.0
controlFrequencyInv: 1
headingWeight: 0.5
upWeight: 0.1
actionsCost: 0.005
energyCost: 0.05
dofVelocityScale: 0.2
contactForceScale: 0.1
jointsAtLimitCost: 0.1
deathCost: -2.0
terminationHeight: 0.31
staticFriction: 1.0
dynamicFriction: 1.0
restitution: 0.0
assetFileName: mjcf/nv_ant.xml
enableCameraSensors: False
dt: 0.0166
substeps: 2
up_axis: z
use_gpu_pipeline: True
gravity: [0.0, 0.0, -9.81]
num_threads: 4
solver_type: 1
use_gpu: True
num_position_iterations: 4
num_velocity_iterations: 0
contact_offset: 0.02
rest_offset: 0.0
bounce_threshold_velocity: 0.2
max_depenetration_velocity: 10.0
default_buffer_size_multiplier: 5.0
max_gpu_contact_pairs: 8388608
num_subscenes: 4
contact_collection: 0
randomize: False
frequency: 600
range: [0, 0.002]
operation: additive
distribution: gaussian
range: [0.0, 0.02]
operation: additive
distribution: gaussian
color: True
range: [0.5, 1.5]
operation: scaling
distribution: uniform
setup_only: True
range: [0.5, 1.5]
operation: scaling
distribution: uniform
range: [0.5, 1.5]
operation: scaling
distribution: uniform
range: [0, 0.01]
operation: additive
distribution: gaussian
range: [0, 0.01]
operation: additive
distribution: gaussian
seed: 42
name: a2c_continuous
name: continuous_a2c_logstd
name: actor_critic
separate: False
mu_activation: None
sigma_activation: None
name: default
name: const_initializer
val: 0
fixed_sigma: True
units: [256, 128, 64]
activation: elu
d2rl: False
name: default
name: None
load_checkpoint: False
name: Ant
full_experiment_name: Ant
env_name: rlgpu
multi_gpu: False
ppo: True
mixed_precision: True
normalize_input: True
normalize_value: True
value_bootstrap: True
num_actors: 4096
scale_value: 0.01
normalize_advantage: True
gamma: 0.99
tau: 0.95
learning_rate: 0.0003
lr_schedule: adaptive
schedule_type: legacy
kl_threshold: 0.008
score_to_win: 20000
max_epochs: 500
save_best_after: 200
save_frequency: 50
grad_norm: 1.0
entropy_coef: 0.0
truncate_grads: False
e_clip: 0.2
horizon_length: 16
minibatch_size: 32768
mini_epochs: 4
critic_coef: 2
clip_value: True
seq_len: 4
bounds_loss_coef: 0.0001
task_name: Ant
seed: 42
torch_deterministic: False
physics_engine: physx
pipeline: gpu
sim_device: cuda:0
rl_device: cuda:0
graphics_device_id: 0
num_threads: 4
solver_type: 1
num_subscenes: 4
test: False
multi_gpu: False
wandb_activate: False
wandb_name: Ant
wandb_project: isaacgymenvs
capture_video: False
capture_video_freq: 1464
capture_video_len: 100
force_render: True
headless: False
Setting seed: 42
self.seed = 42
check point
Started to train
Exact experiment name requested from command line: Ant
/home/rilab/.pyenv/versions/rlgpuNew/lib/python3.8/site-packages/gym/spaces/box.py:112: UserWarning: WARN: Box bound precision lowered by casting to float32
logger.warn(f"Box bound precision lowered by casting to {self.dtype}")
[Warning] [carb.gym.plugin] useGpu is set, forcing single scene (0 subscenes)
Not connected to PVD
+++ Using GPU PhysX
Physics Engine: PhysX
Physics Device: cuda:0
GPU Pipeline: enabled
num envs 4096 env spacing 5
/home/rilab/ampNew/IsaacGymEnvs/isaacgymenvs/tasks/ant.py:151: DeprecationWarning: an integer is required (got type isaacgym._bindings.linux-x86_64.gym_38.DofDriveMode). Implicit conversion to integers using int is deprecated, and may be removed in a future version of Python.
asset_options.default_dof_drive_mode = gymapi.DOF_MODE_NONE
Box(-1.0, 1.0, (8,), float32) Box(-inf, inf, (60,), float32)
current training device: cuda:0
build mlp: 60
RunningMeanStd: (1,)
RunningMeanStd: (60,)
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Device reset in nvfSwapchain Present
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Device reset in nvfSwapchain Present
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Device reset in nvfSwapchain Present
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Device reset in nvfSwapchain Present
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Device reset in nvfSwapchain Present
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Device reset in nvfSwapchain Present
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Device reset in nvfSwapchain Present
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Device reset in nvfSwapchain Present
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Device reset in nvfSwapchain Present
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Device reset in nvfSwapchain Present
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Device reset in nvfSwapchain Present
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Device reset in nvfSwapchain Present
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Device reset in nvfSwapchain Present
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Device reset in nvfSwapchain Present
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Device reset in nvfSwapchain Present
fps step: 10611 fps step and policy inference: 9089 fps total: 8984 epoch: 1/500

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I got same error message in try the examples in training tasks.

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I have a similar message while running my own environment renders in isaac gym. Were you able to solve it?

Did anyone find the causes yet? My old laptop working on my program just fine, but when migrated to another computer, I keep getting this error. Kinda desperate.