Error code 3221225501 when trying to run tensorflow

I installed latest versions of CUDA and cuDNN to use tensorflow 1.14 in VS 2017 15.9.14, with Pyhton 3.7, Windows 7 64 bit, and RTX 2060, but when trying to run this code:

import tensorflow as tf
hello = tf.constant('Hello, Tensorflow on Windows!')
sess = tf.Session()

I get this error at the first line (import tensorflow as tf)

  Message=Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\tensorflow\python\", line 58, in <module>
    from tensorflow.python.pywrap_tensorflow_internal import *
  File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\tensorflow\python\", line 28, in <module>
    _pywrap_tensorflow_internal = swig_import_helper()
  File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\tensorflow\python\", line 24, in swig_import_helper
    _mod = imp.load_module('_pywrap_tensorflow_internal', fp, pathname, description)
  File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\", line 242, in load_module
    return load_dynamic(name, filename, file)
  File "C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\", line 342, in load_dynamic
    return _load(spec)
ImportError: DLL load failed with error code 3221225501

Failed to load the native TensorFlow runtime.


for some common reasons and solutions.  Include the entire stack trace
above this error message when asking for help.
C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\tensorflow\python\ in <module>
C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\tensorflow\python\ in <module>
C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\tensorflow\ in <module>
C:\Users\Pieza\source\repos\PythonApplication1\PythonApplication1\ in <module>

What could possibly be the error code?

I still found no documentation on what is that error number, but found that the newest Tensorflow requires AVX2 support from the CPU, and I have an i7 920, which doesn’t support AVX, so I found a compilation for tensorflow without AVX, from

Sadly, it only supports nvidia /compute 3, and my RTX 2060 supports up to 7

Anyways, I will report if I can make it work.

Ok. As far as I can tell, it seems to work.

Mind walking me through how you set up tensorflow-windows-wheel? I just spent the past 4 hours trying to set everything else up and i’ve been burned out