Error Connecting to Host

Hey can anyone help with the following error which pops up when I try to compile a simple mpi code using PGI visual fortran

Error while connecting to host. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. <10061>
Connect on sock <host=…,port=…> failed, exhaused all end points
Unable to connect to ‘…:8678’
sock error: Error = -1

I have the admin rights so I don’t know whats the issue. Please help


Are you seeing this at compile time or are you running built code?

If at compile time, then perhaps it is a licensing problem, and you should email and we can work through it. Could be a firewall or a configuration problem.

If this is happening when you run a built program, send a PVF solution that
demonstrates the failure to

Note that PVF/pgdbg only supports MPI programs running all the processes on the same platform as PVF.