some issues on License installing(2)

here is my second question about installing :

After I activated the PGI workstation licnese succesfuly with root privileges, I used root privileges to compiler the program “pgfortran main.f”.I compiled succesfully, but I got such information:
19:37:37 (pgroupd) DENIED: “pgi-f95-lin64” root@gpuK20 (INVALID error code (-9999,333:104 “Connection reset by peer”))
19:37:37 (pgroupd) OUT: “PGI2013-workstation-complete” root@gpuK20
19:37:37 (pgroupd) OUT: “pgi-f95-lin64” root@gpuK20
19:37:37 (pgroupd) IN: “pgi-f95-lin64” root@gpuK20
19:37:37 (pgroupd) IN: “PGI2013-workstation-complete” root@gpuK20
19:37:38 (pgroupd) DENIED: “pgi-f95-lin64” root@gpuK20 (INVALID error code (-9999,333))
19:37:38 (pgroupd) OUT: “PGI2013-workstation-complete” root@gpuK20
19:37:38 (pgroupd) OUT: “pgi-f95-lin64” root@gpuK20
19:37:38 (pgroupd) IN: “PGI2013-workstation-complete” root@gpuK20
19:37:38 (pgroupd) IN: “pgi-f95-lin64” root@gpuK20
I don’t know the reason. Then I used non-root user to compile this program, I did not get this information.and after I restart my server, I also did not get this information ANY LONGER.

I notice the license online uses the hostname gpuK20-1, so you edited the hostname
in the license.

Perhaps there are permissions problems with license or components?

$LM_LICENSE_FILE must be the full pathname to the license file, as in
% export LM_LICENSE_FILE=$PGI/license.dat
and the file must be world readable.

Make sure the license file you are using is the correct one.

% lmutil lmdiag

hit a couple of times, and then to get out.
Where is the license file being read?