Error: Either RSA key file and/or SBK key file is not provided for SBK and PKC protected target board

What is the reason?
I want to refresh the system but stuck at this point
My development board model is Jetson Xavier NX emmc

By default the board does noo enable PKC and SBK. You can refer to this post to program the fuses and generate system image for flashing:
Unable to burn fuses (dev kit) / no more output (serial/hdmi) / bricked? - #89 by DaneLLL

Unable to provide RSA key file and SBK key file or missing key file target board will be bricked?

By default the AGX Xavier developer kit does not enable secure boot and you can flash it through SDKManager. If you need to enabled secureboot, please prepare your own PKC and SBK keys to program the fuses. And then follow the steps to flash the device. Please protect your own keys. If other persons know the keys, they can follow the steps to re-flash the system.

What if I can’t find my PKC and SBK keys?

If you miss the keys, you will not be able to re-flash the device.


How to check the fuse value?

Yes, it is bricked. It cannot be re-flashed without the keys.

Is there any remedy? If the key is lost, it becomes a brick. it’s unreasonable

Can I check the fuse status without the key?

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