Jetson AGX failed to boot after burning fuses

I tried to enable secure boot at Jetson Xavier development kit(Public key + SBK + KEK’s).
After running & flashing with same keys Xavier failed to boot, also no logs on UART console.

I am using Jetson_Linux_R32.6.1 + secureboot_R32.6.1
Command which I used for burning fuses:
sudo ./ -i 0x19 -k ~/xavier/key_gen/keys/rsa_priv.pem -S ~/xavier/key_gen/keys/sbk.key --KEK0 ~/xavier/key_gen/keys/kek0.key --KEK1 ~/xavier/key_gen/keys/kek1.key --KEK2 ~/xavier/key_gen/keys/kek2.key jetson-agx-xavier-devkit
Please find logs from odmfuse in the attachment(it’s not a first execution of this script, but fuse values - looks like OK,
odmfuse_log.txt (95.8 KB)
same as at the source files)

Flashing command:
sudo BOARDID=2888 FAB=400 BOARDSKU=0004 BOARDREV=K.0 ./ -u ~/xavier/key_gen/keys/rsa_priv.pem -v ~/xavier/key_gen/keys/sbk.key jetson-agx-xavier-devkit mmcblk0p1
Please find logs from the flash utility & UART console in the attachment
flash_log.txt (117.8 KB)
flash_serial_log.txt (11.7 KB)
odmfuse_log.txt (95.8 KB)

hello stas5,

it shows the error as following, is this device ever fused before?

The KEK0 has been burned. You can't burn it again.
Add --force if you really want to do it.

It’s not the first execution of this script (I have no logs from the first execution), but it always was run with the same parameters. Also, KEK0/KEK1/KEK2/SecureBootKey(replaced by XXX at log) values are OK - same as at key files.

I still have not found the solution for my problem, could you help me

hello stas5,

please also refer to Topic 117585 for the two steps approaches for burning/flashing Jetson AGX Xavier.

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