error: ‘EGL_SUPPORT_REUSE_NV’ was not declared in this scope

I freshly installed the Cuda 9.0 tools on a Linux x86_64 server running OpenSuse Leap 42.3.

I went into the samples directory and typed ‘make’ to compile the code samples. Make gave me this error, which is coming from the compiler. We are using gcc 4.8.5.

Please advise why the sample code will not build.

I will try ‘make -k’, and hopefully it will build all the other samples, even though this one fails.


Many samples require other things to be properly installed on your server in order for you to be able to compile them and to run them. This particular one requires a proper EGL install:

Thank you. I just wanted to let you know that that thread resolved my issue. I’d mark it resolved, but I didn’t see a way to do that from my end. Maybe you have to do that.

For any reading this who are curious: There’s a directory containing header files related to something called EGL, and there’s an EGL update there that you need to download to get the sample to compile. For the record, in my particular case, I have no idea what an EGL is and whether or not my server even has one but just wanted to be able to compile the samples. There may be others who are in the same boat and would rather not waste time learning what an EGL is (I still don’t know, in fact).

Maybe, if desired, NVidia could fix this with a #ifdef or something like that. Just a thought.