Error no CUDA-capable device is detected when process run under other user

Hello friends.
I wrote dso for Renderman which rendered Screen Space ambient occlusion.
We perfectly used this solution on the OpenSuse 13.1.
But now we migrated on the OpenSuse Leap 42.1.
All work also perfectly under current user
but when it starting under other user from render farm dispatcher we have error:
Error no CUDA-capable device is detected

Can I solve this issue?


Check that the device files/dev/nvidia* exist and have the correct (0666) file permissions. These files are used by the CUDA Driver to communicate with the kernel-mode portion of the NVIDIA Driver. Applications that use the NVIDIA driver, such as a CUDA application or the X server (if any), will normally automatically create these files if they are missing using the setuidnvidia-modprobe tool that is bundled with the NVIDIA Driver.

Thank you Kkang. Sorry for my late answer. Yes, it’s issues was with incorrect rights of the nvidia device.