Cuda driver fails start until root start a cuda program Cuda Freakness...

That’s the problem.
1.Reboot machine
2.As normal user I start the devicequery program (ora any other cuda program)
Result: Emulation mode, device unrecognized
3.As root I runned devicequery (given within the sdk, but I noticed same effect with anyother program)
Resul: Device recognized and test passed.
4.As normal user everything works flawless.

I’m running on linux Fedora release 12 (Constantine)
Device 0: “GeForce GT 220”
CUDA Driver Version: 3.10


The /dev/nvidia* devices are either missing or have the wrong permissions. After a reboot, check if the devices are present. If they are not, you should use the example script in the CUDA Linux release notes to create the devices. If they are present, make sure that you have read and write access to them.