ERROR when doing docker build for jetson-inference

I’m trying to do a docker/ on Jetpack 6.0.

I downloaded l4t-pytorch:r36.2.0 and my command is:


The error is:

ERROR: Cannot uninstall ‘blinker’. It is a distutils installed project and thus we cannot accurately determine which files belong to it which would lead to only a partial uninstall.

(I am trying to add the face_recognition module into the docker container, I plan to add it to the Dockerfile, but this is running it with no changes from what is currently in the repo)

Ugh, sorry @guitargice - know that blinker error. Try adding RUN pip3 install --ignore-installed --no-cache-dir blinker somewhere in the Dockerfile, my guess is closer to the top. Or you could use the existing dustynv/jetson-containers:r36.2.0 image as the base container of your own container. Or you could use jetson-containers to build the jetson-inference container (I have migrated over to using that build system for jetson-inference, but have been remiss in officially switching over to it in the docs, which I should given this issue you faced)

jetson-containers/ jetson-inference

I use the jetson-inference container in other containers which is one reason why I moved it over, and last built a couple days ago, so hope it still works for you. Sorry that you seem to be uncovering these issues as you go through things, I appreciate you letting me know though so we can all make it better and appreciate your patience with it :)

Hi @dusty_nv, ah, that’s good to know! No need to apologize man, I’m amazed at the level of support you and other provide this community, thank you so much. I always assume I’m doing the wrong thing when I break something because that’s usually the case :D

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