How to import lib/python3.6 packages in the docker container?

Hello.I have import error in my docker container no module named “face_recognition”.So I imported face_recognition folder from the lib/python3.6 in my docker container.I copied it in my working directory Jupiter1.
{docker/ --volume /my/host/path:/my/container/path (/my/host/path is atlas/desktop/Jupiter1)}

But it didnt help, because now i have another import error: no module named dlib.(Because face_recognition needs this module which is located in the lib/python3.6 too and it really doesnt exist in my docker container).
(And what if each folder imports another folder ?If so, i cant import them manually and can only copy them all.)

So I decided to copy all packages from the lib/python3.6 in my folder to solve all my problems with import in the docker container.But it didnt help.

Core dump error.

I have 2 questions:

1.How can i import all packages from the lib/python3.6 in my docker container ?(Is it possible ?)

2.Or how can i import all dependecies of the face_recognition [and other folders] without extremly long manual work ?

Hi @A98, you need to install these packages inside the container (via pip, as opposed to just copying the files from lib/python3.6 ect. Do it after the container starts and before you run your application (or create your own Dockerfile and build your own container based on jetson-inference). Using pip should also install their dependencies, should they be able to be installed.

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