error when running tensorflow-gpu (CuDNN incompatible with CUDA)

Can someone translate this for me:

Loaded runtime CuDNN library: 7103 (compatibility version 7100) but source was compiled with 7003 (compatibility version 7000). If using a binary install, upgrade your CuDNN library to match…

I get this error when I try running tensorflow-gpu. I have installed CUDA 9.0, and CuDNN 7.0. I gather the message is telling me I need to install and point to a different CuDNN to be compatible with the CUDA version I have installed, but specifically, which one?

I am running on a PC that has a “GeForce 940MX major: 5 minor: 0” GPU.



source was compiled with 7003, compatibility version 7000

cudnn 7.0.x

The fact that it found 7103 means you have 7.1 loaded (somewhere)


Separately, I figured it out too. Which, for me is quite amazing. Anyway, yes, you are right. When I downloaded and pointed to cudnn 7.0.5 instead of the default one (7.1.3) it worked. Yippee.

Just as an aside, I see my laptop is running tensorflow about 10x faster with the gpu than without. Nice. I know this is a low-power GPU, but still, nice to get that bump.



How do you point 7.0.5 instead of 7.1.0.*

I had a same problem~!

Thanks ahead.

As best I recall, the CuDNN driver has to be exactly the one that matches the version of CUDA you’re using. When I look in the CuDNN archive, I see “Download cuDNN v7.0.5 (Dec 5, 2017), for CUDA 9.0” which is the one I needed. Here’s the page that has the archive of drivers:

Good luck. I found this part a bit tricky.