Error while profiling with "pgcollect -allcache ./a.ou

I am using the PGI 9 license.

I want to profile the code.

I gave the command like
"pgcollect -allcache ./a.out "

The error returned was


Stopping profiling.
Killing daemon.
/opt/pgi/linux86/9.0-2/bin/pgoprun: line 457: 29163 Segmentation fault optopgprof --fq $exe > $tf 2>&1

Where my program prints the “Complete!!!” and the next statements are the error printed by the pgcollect.

No “pgprof.out” file is get created so I am not able to profile the executable.

can anybody help me out to fix the issue.

Thank you.

Hi Infosavant,

Unfortunately, I’m not able to recreate the problem here (it works fine for me). What OS and processor are you using? What happens if you run the command as root?

  • Mat