Esxi - ConnectX-2 - Can Ping but cant pass traffic

Esxi 6.7 - ConnectX-2 - Mikrotik SFP+ - Mikrotik Crs305-1g-4s

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(I understand this is not officially supported)

Card detected fine in Esxi, set to DHCP, Mikrotk grants a lease but in Esxi the IP that is leased does not show - just

If I set CX2 static in Esxi, I can ping Mikrotik and Mikrotik can ping CX2 but no other traffic will pass, cant open SSH session, Esxi management we interface, nothing.

Hoping to get a clue if anyone has some tips?


Pinging on the low level network link will work but this is all you will achieve

To be able conveying traffic over Esxi platform + CX-2 Mellanox adapter + Mikrotik Crs305-1g-4s is a different story

It requires an Esxi inbox driver or Mellanox driver & a proper ConnectX-2 fw to communicate the whole components in the network level, either over ethernet or IB protocol.

AS you rightly indicated, CX-2 is EOL (end-of-life) for some 5/6 years and not supported by Mellanox anymore but you can try using Esxi driver v1.9.10.0 & CX-2 fw v2.9.1200

the only limitation is that it supports old Esxi5.1Ux/Esxi5.5Ux only

The other thing is to liaise with VMware and check with them if they may have a compatible fw for the Mikrotik Crs305-1g-4s router (switch?)

Avi many thanks for your answer.

FW is 2.9.1200 already.

I tried 1.8.2 driver in Esxi but card not detected.

Will try 1.9.10

The pinging and had me very confused, thanks for describing that is possible with CX2 to respond to icmp but that traffic wont flow, I am used to pinging meaning connectivity will work.