exceeds maximum allowable size 80000000

Hi Dave,

When I compile with PVF for 64 bit system, I got an error message

image size (****) exceeds maximum allowable size (80000000)

I don’t have this if the size of arrays is small. It is caused by arrays which are [9000x9000] or larger. I wonder if I can increase the maximum allowable size and if yes, how do it.

All the best!

Jingyu Shi

The problem is the Microsoft Object code format. It does not allow
for a 64-bit offset to be put into an instruction. As a result, you
cannot declare static arrays in programs with a combined size larger than 2 Gb.

The solution is to declare and allocate the large arrays dynamically.

real *8 X[9000,9000]


real*8, allocatable :: X
. and then when you need it

allocate (x(9000,9000))

and initialize it and use it.

The load module created is smaller too, and quicker to execute,
because it is faster to create the arrays dynamically, rather than load
them from a disk file.


Thanks very much, Dave.

It passes through the compiling process with the allocatable.

All the best!