Exchange M2M_ALERT and M2E_ALERT

I’m designing our base board for NX module. We don’t need the M.2 E slot but want to use SDMMC1. I have several questions:

  1. Can SDMMC1 be used alone without using M.2 Key E slot?
  2. If the answer of Q1 is OK. Because SDIO_D1 is shared with M2M_ALERT (NVMe), if I want to use both SDMMC1 and NVMe, I must assign M2M_ALERT to another gpio, right? As I don’t need M.2 Key E slot, may I assign it to GPIO10?
  3. Then what we should do to the driver?


We’re checking this issue internally, will update once clarified. Thanks

We think the M2M_ALERT# is just a GPIO pin and left for sw developer over m2e to use it as part of sideband signalling as they wish.
Its not a mandatory requirement to use this pin. Our driver also not uses this on our devkit.

If you wants to use it, you can find our GPIO for it.

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