Adding M.2 support on custom carrier board


I have been working on adding M.2 to my Xavier NX carrier board for a long time now and can’t figure out what is going wrong. The drive is detected on the regular carrier board but not mine - and my schematic is the same as the NVIDIA provided NX M.2 schematics. I’m not sure if signals such as susclk, pewake, alert, etc. are even necessary? I am fairly sure the issue is somewhere in the hardware.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Which pin is that?

Any log from dmesg showing that the m2 card info?

Not as far as I’m aware - is there a sample of what it would look like? lsblk and lspci show nothing.

Then maybe you can at least share your schematic?

M.2 Schematic attached.

It depends on the requests of your device. If your device works well on devkit but not on yours, it might mean you need to add necessary signals such as susclk, alert and SMB to be consistent with devkit.

Also there are routing requirements in OEM DG for your reference. Your board design should follow those requirements well to make sure signals quality.