Exists Industrial Motherboards for Jetson Nano Module?

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I’m very new in this topics, I’m an electronic engineer with a master in power electronics and beginning a doctorade in AI. I would like to know if exists a industrial motherboard where to plug a jetson nano module. Industrial in the sense of robustness, or is the Jetson Nano SDK able to work in an autonomous robot for commercial target, not development only.
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I don’t think so, the best way is to design your own, many on the forum (well 2 at least) have done that so it’s not impossible to do and you will be able to customise the size, the IO, the components robusteness, cooling ,… and really adapt the board to your needs. If you want to keep a low budget just keep the standard board it sould stay in shape for 3-5 years at least if protected from dust, heat, humidity…

Yes fortunatly Isaac SDK is not just made for fun :D



One place to look for starters might be the Jetson Partner Hardware Products page:

Not super sure which carrier board solution compatible with Jetson Nano might be ruggedized enough for your purposes, but there might be some listed here.

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Thanks. I will take a look.