Expand mSATA SSD

I bought a mSATA SSD in order to expand my TX2 storage.
However, I cannot find the socket and where I can insert it…
I saw the document that it can support mSATA…

Is there any idea? lol


m.2 has a “key” which allows the manufacturer to provide different functionality on an m.2 without changing the base footprint. A key M will not fit on a key E slot (the TX2 dev kit carrier board). Is your SSD key M (most SSDs)?

Some other carrier boards (aside from the dev kit) will probably have a key M. The Xavier has both. Some adapters also exist to convert between key E and key M, but I do not know of any direct (non-hardware) method to mix these. For adapters you’d need to be careful to adapt in the correct direction (key E to key M is different than key M to key E).

Hi @linuxdev,

Thanks for your reply.
But the thing is that I bought the mSATA not m.2 (The socket is different with m.2)
So I am looking for what adapter should I buy if I want to convert mSATA and used it on TX2.
Actually I am really confused about those various sockets and I am afraid to buy it wrong.
Is there any suggestion for which adapter I can buy?

Thank you.

If you find a cable to adapt from that format to the existing SATA connector, then it should work (I don’t know for sure, but there may be cables out in the wild which directly connect mSATA to SATA). However, if you are using the developer kit carrier board, then that slot is m.2 key E, not mSATA.

The m.2 key E has PCIe lanes, but no SATA. If you want to use that slot, then you’d need an m.2 key E SATA adapter, and then connect the adapter to the SSD.

Hi linuxdev,

Thanks for your reply!
I decided to buy mSATA to USB. Hope it can work…