Explore the Jetson TK1 E-Book


I am going to write a small E-Book for the Jetson TK1 board.
It should help you to get started quickly with the board.
The first version will be around 50 pages and grow with time.


Best Regards,
Peter Bauer

I think it will be very usefull!

Have you seen http://elinux.org/Jetson_TK1? It’s where I go to remember commands after a fresh install.

The elinux pages are just perfect for online infos.

Just added more details to the table of contents of the E-Book:

I would like to add infos about using the U-Boot bootloader on Jetson TK1.
-How is your U-Boot configuration on the Jetson TK1 ?

Table of Contents (draft version)

  2. Abbreviations and Terms
  3. Get started – first login
  4. Hardware overview Jetson TK1
    4.1 Block diagram
    4.2 Printed circuit board
  5. Software overview Jetson TK1
    5.1 Operating systems for the Jetson TK1
    5.1.1 Linux for Tegra Releases
    5.1.2 Other Operating systems
    5.2 Re-Flash the board with custom OS or kernel
  6. The Jetson TK1 in detail
    6.1 Install and Update software packages
    6.2 Ubuntu Tips and Tricks
    6.2.1 Install other desktop environments
    6.2.2 Set configuration for maximum performance and stability
    6.2.3 Set configuration for window borders for easier resizing
    6.3 Install Browser Flash support
    6.4 Useful Linux services and applications
    6.4.1 SSH server and client
    6.4.2 File sharing with NFS and SAMBA
    6.4.3 Run a web server with Lighttpd
    6.5 How to report bugs
    6.5 Explore the Linux shell
  7. Resources for the Jetson TK1 on the Internet

A first version for review can be downloaded here:

Whats your opinion ?
What is missing ?
Did you find some typos :-)

Best Regards,
Peter Bauer

Thank you for the review comments which helped me to
reduce typos and resolve other bugs in the manual.

Edition 1.1 (pdf, 30 pages) can be ordered here for a fiver:
“Explore your Jetson TK1”

Best Regards,
Peter Bauer