Bought a Jetson....not sure why.

Hello Everyone!

My name, for this forum, is Ferone Raspian. I want to apologize in advance for the slew of questions i am going to ask, and i understand the developers on this forum won’t want to waste their time and i am just here to see what i can learn from this community.

I am new to all this, and i want some suggestions on what to do with a new Nvidia Jetson TK1 Board. I built a case out of cheap painting canvas and nylon stand-offs. I plan on using this system as a full desktop environment. I also LOVE arduino controllers, so i really want to mess with the GPIOs on this board. Is there a “blinking led” first program tutorial for this board?

So, i found this Nvidia Jetson on ebay for $80 and free shipping and in new condition, and i decided to purchase it. After getting the embedded OS run, i decided to test out the system with some software, and so far i am loving it!

I have a decent amount of experience with Arduino micro controllers and some experience with the Raspberry Pi 2. I am not completely lost when dealing with this Nvidia Board; however, i would love some direction or suggestions as what to do from here.


I have ran across a few problems with the embedded os;

FireFox videos are black, chromium runs fine. How can i fix FireFox?

Bluetooth/ wireless dongles dnt work ( i read i need to compile and install another kernel. is this the only way?)

Can i install and run an OS from the SATA port? using an SSD?

Would raspberry pi OS systems run on the Nvidia board? seeing how both are ARMHF

Is there a way to ensure i have the latest OS updates/Distro for this board? i already tried the apt-get update/upgrade but there is still a “Install Release” icon, meaning there is a new Distro?


Hi Ferone,

Here are some useful links:
At the top of the forum here, there are some useful links:
Getting started on the Jetson
The Jetson Wiki:

To answer some of your questions:
It depends on which Bluetooth/wireless card you are using as to how to install them. Some need modules, there are some that already have built modules but require firmware installation.
You can install an SSD and boot the OS with it.
Raspberry Pi OS does not run on the Jetson.
Read the getting starting manual wrt OS updates. You will need to flash the Jetson from an Ubuntu PC.

Welcome! Here’s a wiki page on WiFi

GPIO infos:

Let us know how you get on :)