I am trying to add bluetooth to the jetson tk1 via UART.

Any supporting boards?

Any documentation/instructions.

Has anybody done it yet?

You need to rebuild the kernel to include bluetooth support, as the .config with the nvidia-built
kernel doesn’t include it. Other than that I can tell you that at least USB dongles do work.

I tried one usb dongle and it did not work.

Which one you used that worked?

As I said, you need a kernel with bluetooth support. The stock one from nvidia on the TK1 doesn’t have it.
(Dongle is Bus 002 Device 002: ID 0a12:0001 Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode) )


I read a lot of frustration around on these issues.

Any link or nvidia support for rebuilding the kernel to include the bluetooth support.

lots of users seem to ask for it…

We really need a sticky thread on compile. Start here maybe:

Currently, the easiest method to use Bluetooth or Wifi on Jetson TK1 is to install the user-supplied “Grinch” kernel at It has support for many Bluetooth & Wifi devices, but is not verified yet by NVIDIA.