Exposure control using gstreamer and v4l2src


I am trying to control exposure on a usb web cam that I’m pulling from with a gstreamer pipeline using the v4l2src plugin. gst-inspect doesn’t show any exposure control available for v4l2src. I’m also not able to see the exposure parameter using something like v4l2-ctl.

Any tips on how to get that working?


You may try to see what is available from qv4l2 (can be installed from apt).
Be sure to disable bypass, it may interfere with nvcamera-daemon.[EDIT: this wouldn’t apply for a USB cam]

How would this be different from v4l2-ctl ? Seems to be just a GUI around the v4l controls, no?

The problem is that the exposure, white balance, and a few other params disappear from the v4l2-ctl menu once I run the gstreamer pipeline

hello mgyn10hx,

unfortunately, exposure time control is only for CSI camera.

Hi Jerry,
I am using PiCamera(CSI camera) with a gstreamer pipeline using v4l2src plugin and I can’t find any control to set the exposure time/other exposure params. Can you help me out with this?


hello AK_30,

we had done the implementation to control gainRange, and exposureTimeRange with Argus plugin. please expect this will be include in the next public release.
you may also refer to Topic 1033150 for more details.

Thanks for the response!

From what I understand you’ve done the implementation for nvarguscamerasrc plugin, but I am trying to use the v4l2src plugin for my application. Can you help me with how to set exposure parameters using v4l2 plugin?
(Note: I am using PiCamera with Tinker Board.)

Hi ,

So does this mean that i can control exposure time if i am using USB WECAM for testing deepstream test1 ?

hello aswin.prabhakaran,

NO, you cannot.
please refer to Camera Architecture Stack, USB camera only supported with v4l2src plugin,

HI @JerryChang ,

I am able to make the exposure control setting through Opencv for the same USB WEBCAM. But not with deepstream.

Any guidance on how to make it ?

hello aswin.prabhakaran,

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Hi @JerryChang ,

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