Extended trial or multiple demos


My company has just found out we’ve been chosen to provide a demo environment to a prospective customer who will ultimately require approximately 3000 virtual desktops with several hundred requiring GRID. I’d signed up and participated a 1 GRID demo. I now need to lead a demonstration of this to colleagues and managers. Is there any way to get a demo for more than the standard 24 hours? Will I be able to sign up for multiple demos? I need to get this on our calendars, and the GRID demo doesn’t let you schedule it so it is somewhat a bad solution to demoing this to a group.



Hi Shane,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. To extend TryGRID for an additional 24 hours, click on the "Need Help?" link at the bottom of the registration page to recover your credentials. You will receive an automated email enabling you to extend the experience.

If you are interested in using TryGRID for demo purposes, please reach out to GRIDTestDrive@nvidia.com so we can further understand your requirements.

Thanks Shane for your interest in NVIDIA GRID.