Trial license for GRID

Hello, I have Tesla M60 in demo stand, try to take trial license for download drivers, but all what nvidia give me after registration “24.0 hours of access to industry-leading“, what I need to do for take trial license?


As you already have the M60, you’ll need to register to get a product activation key so you can license it and obtain the appropriate components. This is available here:

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to download the License Server, “Mode Change Utility” and the License which will last for 90 days.

When you first log-in, you’ll see the current version of GRID (which is 4.1), select this and you’ll be presented with the various software available. Download the appropriate software for your hypervisor and I highly recommend reading the 3 PDFs which come with it (GRID Licensing, Release Notes & User Guide). These documents contain information about the current GRID release and the processes for setting up your GPU and License Server. If you’ve not used an M60 before, there is information you will need to know about configuring the GPU.

Let us know if you have any issues.



It’s always worth searching the NVIDIA Knowledge base as many FAQs such as this are included:

its done, thank you

Hi ,
After Finish 90 Days Trial , How can I buy and extend license? I’m using M60 and want to buy Virtual PC license for VDI Environment and server is DL380G9 HPE.