Extending RIVA vocabulary


I have been trying to make Riva recognise a new set of words that is commonly used in our Conversational AI.
I was been able to fine tune the Conformer -US english from the NGC with a dataset of 10 hrs that included in the our conversation. I have extended the vocabulary by adding the new words and rebuild the system using riva build according to the documentation . But the Riva is not able to recognise the new words in the Riva client inference - online streaming. The decoder is flashlight. What may the issue ?

Inference Hardware - Tegra
Training Hardware - T4
Operating System -L4T
Riva Version - Latest



HI @maheshchandran

Thanks for your interest in Riva

There are some issue with the conformer model (maybe a cause) with the current version of TAO, Request to kindly use the flag


in riva build command and let us know whether it helps