External monitor Dell U3818DW not detected on Ubuntu 21.04 running a system with RTX 3070 Ti and driver 510.47.03

When I plug my Dell U3818DW monitor into my MSI GE76-12UGS laptop with 12th gen intel i7 and Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti graphics card the screen remains black and it doesn’t appear in the displays settings of Ubuntu 21.04 running kernel 5.13 and the latest stable Nvidia driver 510.47.03 installed. The same thing happens whether I connect the monitor using a HDMI or usb-c cable.

Surprisingly the monitor does appear in the Nvidia X Server dialog but nevertheless Ubuntu doesn’t seem to detect it.

Here is the bug report

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (492.9 KB)

and the installer log

nvidia-installer.log (3.2 KB)

Any help will appreciated!

Please set kernel parameter

Thanks for the quick reply. I just ran into another problem, looking at the forum I found a similar problem was solved running sudo prime-select nvidia, which I tried and now I Ubuntu hangs before the login screen. I can only enter recovery mode now…

The running kernel seems to be too old to drive your intel igpu. Please try upgrading to a newer kernel:

That solved all the graphics related problems: I can log in now and the second display is detected and working!


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