Fail to upgrade Xavier-NX developer kit from Jetpack 4.6.1 to 5.1.1 by OTA

Hi all

I refer to NV user guide " Updating Jetson Linux with Image-Based Over-the-Air Update" to do OTA upgrade from Jetpack 4.6.1 to Jetpack 5.1.1.

I have successfully generated ota_payload_package.tar.gz . Size about 2.9GB.

But I did following steps on the Xavier-NX developer kit .

  1. INITRD and root setting are correct.
    3.$mkdir ${WORKDIR}
    4.$tar xvpf ./ota_tools_R35.3.1_aarch64.tbz2 -C $WORKDIR
    5.$mkdir ota
    6.$mv ota_payload_package.tar.gz ./ota
    7.$cd ${WORKDIR}/Linux_for_Tegra/tools/ota_tools/version_upgrade
    8.$sudo ./ ~/ota_payload_package.tar.gz

The size of Xavier-NX devkit /dev/mmcblk0p1 is insufficientI. It will show following error.

tar: ./internal_device/system.img: Wrote only 5632 of 10240 bytes
tar: ./ Cannot write: No space left on device
tar: ./ota_backup_files_list.txt: Cannot write: No space left on device
tar: ./upgradetasklist.txt: Cannot write: No space left on device
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
Failed to untar /ota_work/ota_package.tar
Failed to run “decompress_ota_package ota_package.tar /ota_work”

The defualt /dev/mmcblkop1 Avail size about 8G. When i execute $sudo ./ ~/ota_payload_package.tar.gz command,it will become 0 G.

This is actually the Nano (old TX1) forum, so you might want to post this in the Xavier NX forum:

On the other hand, I don’t think migrating from R32.x to R35.x via OTA is supported. I think you have to actually flash it via JetPack/SDK Manager. See:

Hi linuxdev

But i saw following url.

The follwing table shows that Jetson Xavier NX series can be upgraded from 32.x to 35.3.1.

I still suggest posting in the Xavier NX forum. The Nano forum you’ve posted in is much older technology compared to the TX1 (a Nano is a small form factor TX1).

I have not heard of much success with OTA from L4T R32.x to R35.x. On the other hand, I just noticed something which might imply the issue is unrelated to this: The lack of disk storage. If the eMMC does not have enough empty space, then you would have to flash anyway. I don’t know the size of ota_package.tar, but I assume it is rather large.

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