Failed to attach: Failed to start debug server on device

Hi evryone.
When i want to debug my game with my phone, I 've got following error.

Failed to attach: Failed to start debug server on device: run-as: Package ‘a.test’ has corrupt installation.

Any help is really appreciated.

most likely you’re trying to debug a release build

Thank you for reply.
It’s under the debug mode. Also when I want to test it on android simulator, after pulling device, throw error and said could not found GDBServer.

I have the same problem, but for non-debug builds.
We need to be able to debug Release or Profile builds so I looked into this problem a little…

After trawling the plug-in configurations it looks like “Release” configs are disabled (as Stephen mentioned), however “Profile” configs are supposed to work. Sadly this wasn’t the case after I did a full rebuild for “Profile”.

Any clues on how we can work around this?


profile support debug. profile configs use -O3 optimization( debug use -O0). so the behavior of debuging profile configs sometimes would be weird.

did this solve your problem? are you still having this issue?