Problems debugging on Genymotion emulator


I am having problems debugging native apps on Genymotion emulators.

On debugging, the process will fail on starting the gdbserver with the error:

Failed to attach: GDB server could not be found on the device, /data/data/#PACKAGE_NAME#/lib/gdbserver. It must be included with the application…

This is due to the fact that the gdbserver file fails to be copied to the lib folder…

If I copy the file manually and set the appropriate permissions, then another error is displayed instead:

Failed to attach: Failed to start debug server on device: /data/data/#PACKAGE_NAME#/lib/gdbserver[2]: syntax error: '$(s4,4 (€€xæxæàðà€à€LLXQåtdpÈÙÈYÈY˜˜Råtdàðà€à€ åpâ 3ÿ/áåÿ/á@-é@ áåPã.

The same happens if I try to manually run the gdbserver through command line, so it’s not really a specific issue of the Nsight Tegra, mind you. I’m just wondering if anybody else has seen this issue.

Debugging works ok on real devices or on Android ADV.

Hi jdeprado,

Unfortunately, it’s currently impossible to debug on Genymotion emulators. They are built on x86 platform and Nsight Tegra supports only ARM devices for now.