Failed to boot Jetson AGX xavier due to mount issue


All of a sudden the Jetson AGX xavier is not able to boot and it is getting stuck at this point as shown below:

Dependency failed for /mnt/342cc310-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx

Please let us know how to fix this issue.

It looks like some mount point UUID issue of the external NVMe drive.

You are the one who should know what this 342cc310... is.

Also, please don’t ever post screen shots. They are useless.
Always get serial console log.

It is NVMe external drive installed on Jetson AgX Xavier

Then either the disk is physically broken, or it’s partition table or stuff like that is somehow broken.
Re-flash the device, please.

Thanks for the updates.

Is there any other method to fix this issue,imagine if the disk is not broken

and by editing /etc/fstab file to ensure we have the UUID entry for this mounted disk in that file.

As the unit is now at customer site, we don’t have access to it to do flashing.

rootfs on Jetson platforms are not controlled by /etc/fstab so that would not work.
I don’t think you can fix it without physical access to the device.

At least take out the disk and see if it can still be read with a host PC.

The rootfs is mounted on internal Memory eMMC not on this external NVMe drive.

Then you still need to be able to access the file system in eMMC to skip mouting this disk, which is not possible now.
Or do this to let the device boots into initrd so you can access the file system:

sudo ./tools/kernel_flash/ --initrd <board-name> <rootdev>

Cannot we do this by pressing ALT+F2 and go to text console mode and then edit the /etc/fstab file accordingly?

Then please try.

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As we don’t have access to unit to do flashing, it’s not possible as of now.

In case later we get unit for fixing, I shall do full flash of eMMC once again freshly.

we tried editing /etc/fstab file and commenting the line as shown below, which was causing the mounting issue and stop booting

#/dev/disk/by-uuid/7b2aecb3-ba9f-495a-8055-96b708f90c20 /mnt/7b2aecb3-ba9f-495a-8055-96b708f90c20 auto nosuid, nodev, nofail, x-gvfs-how 0 0

But still the boot issue persists.

Then try attaching the disk to another PC/Jetson device and run fsck on it.

We are not able to fix the booting issue remotely from. here.

The unit is going to be shipped next week, we will be fixing it here.

I am planning to get booting log and analyse the root cause.

We received unit which was stopping in the middle.of.the boot due to corrupted file system and partition table.
The issue was not due to bad SD card or NVMe Memory.

Customer had used fdisk, mount, unmount commands unknowningly with out thinking the repercussions of it which resulted in corruption of partitioning table etc

We. fixed the issue by reflashing again from our host pc and installing all the softwares once again.

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