Farm Rendering occasionally fails since last update

Hi everyone !
I noticed that, since the last update of Farm Queue and Farm Agent, the Farm Rendering sometimes fails for no reason.

For example, last night, I prepared several renderings and this happened :

On this screenshot, the failing rendering seems to be concentrated on the highest renders in the list, but, in other Farm Rendering sessions, failed renders were more random…

For information, these renderings were created and executed on the same machine (locally therefore), which had no failures before, and the different renderings are in fact renderings of parallel cameras (2 batches of 6 cameras each next to the others with, therefore, 2 very slightly different scenes).

Again, in other sessions of Farm Rendering, the failures were more random, with the same kind of parallel camera renders.

I attach to this topic the log of 2 consecutive renders, one which succeeded, and one which failed and based, therefore, on the same scene, with 2 parallel cameras. If someone who knows how to detect the cause of the failure would like to analyze them, that would be very nice !

Log_Phrases_Cam03_Success.txt (1.1 MB)
Log_Phrases_Cam02_Fail.txt (829.7 KB)

On the list visible above, these are renders #4 and #5.

I really feel like this kind of failure started happening from the last Farm Queue and Farm Agent update.

Thank you a lot for your help !

Best Regards,
Billy John.

I made another round of rendering (still the same idea, 7 batches of 6 parallel cams, with almost the same scene), and this time, I had less fails as usual, and a little more random !