[Feature] G-Sync/Freesync under Wayland Session

I have the same issue: VRR not working on Wayland with 2 screens [545.23.06].
I have also that annoying issue with 2 monitors and VRR enabled (Windows driver is also affected): Monitors literally stutter when VRR/G-SYNC is enabled

Another random observation that might or might not be important: 545+Plasma+Wayland+VRR doesn’t tear as much (if at all) until you alt+tab. As soon as you alt+tab at least once, it immediately starts to tear and the only fix is to relaunch the game. But it does seem to run ok-ish until you alt+tab. I hate it when NVidia behavior depends on random seemingly unrelated stuff like that…

545 driver was just released to the public:

I really hope the Gsync artifacting and one-monitor-only bugs from beta have been fixed

I can confirm that Gsync works now under KDE Wayland. However it only works over display port. When using HDMI (2.0) i get a millisecond of a picture before the screen turns black.

Same issue here over HDMI. If you disable VRR does the black screen go away?

Why would it? Wayland still doesn’t support explicit sync.

I wouldn’t expect the one-monitor-only bug to be related to explicit sync, but maybe I’m mistaken.

I also haven’t seen confirmation or denial that the Gsync flickering/stuttering is actually lack of explicit sync in the stack. Anecdotally, I didn’t experience the same flickering/stuttering in games in 535 that I do in 545. Although I have read that the explicit sync issue is very dependent on timing and unrelated factors can cause it to disappear or reappear, so :shrug:.

The one-monitor-only bug doesn’t seem to be fixed in 545.29.02 stable, unfortunately.

Sorry, I was only referring to “Gsync artifacting”. I also had less out of order frames on 535. My understanding is the issue is a race condition so the fact that it only got worse after “fixing” g-sync makes sense.

Yes. I have set VRR to auto and when i start VRRTest the screen goes black after a second. I can also start VRRTest on the built in display and it works fine but when i send it to the external monitor, the screen turns black and comes back when i switch it again.

I have tested a normal HDMI cable and an active DP to HDMI 2.1 adapter. Both have the same issue. Using a native DP monitor works fine. Also re-tested the release version 545.29.02, same issue.

Does NFB 545 fix the out of order frames and artifacting?

No, not happening until Wayland supports explicit sync.

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What changed in 545.29.02 that made this so much worse?

Running on a laptop with a hybrid graphics (AMD APU + NVIDIA GPU). Running games via gamescope solves the glitchiness for me.

But VRR still doesn’t work without Wayland support for explicit sync on Nvidia though right?

VRR seems to behave in single monitor mode on my machine with driver version 545.29.02. However, games are a different story as they and many other wayland applications exhibit out of order frames / black flickering. Much of this can be fixed by patching explicit sync into XWayland, Xorg protocols, and Wayland.

Im currently running sway-1.9-dev @ 020a572e (wlroots based) with a patched wayland and xserver. This fixes black flickering and out of order frames when playing games through wine and proton. It’s not perfect, though. Performance in games is identical as far as ive tested (RDR2, GTAV), however, it feels as if there is some almost imperceptible frame pacing issue that result in the games not feeling nearly as smooth. Switching VRR on or off has no effect on this.

For those interested in testing this, youll need to start here:

XServer / Xwayland:

XOrg Protocols:

Wayland Protocols:

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How do you apply the patches? I googled and the most I can find was this: https://www.drupal.org/docs/develop/git/using-gitlab-to-contribute-to-drupal/downloading-a-patch-file but it doesn’t work so maybe i’m doing it wrong

This is not the place to ask for this type of tech support, consider it a barrier for entry. I highly reccomend that you stick with your distributions packages to avoid breaking your system as you lack a fundamemtal understanding of software development and git in general. These explicit sync implementations are experimental and NOT ready for production by any means.

This patches in not fixing all issues that 545 introduced at all. Whatever nvidia do, it’s regression.
With this patches, most games works as on 535, but darktide for example still flickering.
This bug also looks like affect Display Port mostly. For some people, disabling secondary monitors resolve flickering issue.

For the arch linux users: AUR (en) - xorg-xwayland-explicit-sync-git it also installs wayland protocols with explicit sync patched in as well.

P.S.: Unfortunately this doesn’t resolve why VRR works only when 1 monitor is on

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The question is does it work or does it introduce performance penalties or other issues? I don’t want my system suddenly becoming unstable with it.

For stability I would give it more time and wait out until it’s fully finalized and actually merged.