[Feature] G-Sync/Freesync under Wayland Session

I can confirm the same behavior. I have a laptop where the internal display is connected to the Intel iGPU and all external ports are driven by the Nvidia card. If i only connect one external monitor to the laptop i can get VRR on it regardless of the state of the internal display. But as soon as i connect a second monitor to the laptop VRR stops working.
KDE Plasma Version: 6.0.4
Kernel Version: 6.8.9-arch1-2 (64-bit)
Driver: 550 series

Just a small update here, this issue with the multi monitor VRR is still present in 555.42.02


It is also present for me. No G-Sync/VRR at all with more than one monitor enabled. Once I disable all but one it instantly works as expected.

Flickering is basically gone for me except for whatever reason when I have a maximized window on one monitor and I drag it into a window, some applications flicker on other monitors briefly.

Is there any prediction when g-sync will be working on the pascal gpus? I have a 1080 Ti, and g-sync not working on wayland it is a deal breaker for me

A lot of people still use pascal gpus. They are one of the most popular series