G-sync compatible monitor not detected as vrr capable 24G2W1G4

I have a AOC 24G2 (24G2W1G4) but nvidia-settings on X doesn’t enable Gsync compatible flag for it automatically and drm_info tool doesn’t say it is vrr capable.

It seems 525 driver series allows for vrr capable monitors to work under wayland and I just notice that this is stopping me to use it.

For the record, I have a GTX 1070.

Are you using the open drivers, please use proprietary as the open kernel modules do not support gsync

I have a 1070, so I’m locked to proprietary drivers.

Also, I’ve made some tests.
I modified nvidia-drm code to try to force the property to be exposed to drm. While that made option show in KDE settings, it didn’t work, probably because the real enablement code is behind nvidia closed blobs.

On X11, gsync compatible does work, but I have to force it through xorg config files.

Thing is, this monitor is rated as gsync compatible and this should be exposed to drm as such.
As of driver 525, lots of people started to see their gsync compatible monitors being advertised as VRR capable on wayland making me notice this bug with my monitor.

Another thing I tried was to use custom edid firmware, but that doesn’t work on nvidia apparently (drm.edid_firmware kernel parameter).

I did not see the wayland you had mentioned, Nvidia does not currently support vrr under wayland. Only X11 for now. The option may show but in my testing it was not adapting on my monitors hud in wayland

So, this is a fluke then?

Read through the thread, I participated in that one as well, even though we checked the box we couldn’t confirm it was modulating the refresh rate on our monitors

Yes the option to enable VRR is present now(in 525.53/525.60.11, but it doesn’t work yet(meaning it doesn’t do anything)