G-sync not working properly on wayland

NVIDIA Open GPU Kernel Modules Version


Operating System and Version

Fedora 37 - Gnome 43

Kernel Release


Hardware: GPU

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER (UUID: GPU-1b82f730-b99a-4e6a-32b8-a1f703cb5034)

Describe the bug

Nvidia on wayland is working really fine right now, but I insist, we really need g-sync (vrr) to work on wayland, mostly on low end cards that can’t keep high frame rates always, the experience in games is horrible when you get lower fps that your monitor hz.

(option to enable vrr is showing on gnome or kde control center but is not working properly, the monitor just lower randomly and inacurrate the hz on some moments, nothing that help, atleast we are somehow close)

To Reproduce

-Have a g-sync (or g-sync compatible) monitor, with a nvidia card, use the drivers for linux
-Install any GNU/LINUX distro, with a desktop that have wayland working (example:gnome, kde)
-Patch gnome with vrr if is necessary, on kde is enabled by default, go to monitor settings and enable vrr.
-Test vrr on a game or on a special test for it

Results: vrr (g-sync) is not working yet

Bug Incidence


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Duplicate of [Feature] G-Sync/Freesync under Wayland Session - #18 by kodatarule

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