Feature is not yet implemented error What causes it?

In WinXP 32 I can run the already-compiled SDK assemblies fine.

However when I compile the assemblies (no editing at all) from the source code, I get “Feature is not yet implemented” error on certain lines. For instance, in DeviceQuery line:


What causes this error?


Can you give us a test case that causes this as well as the nvcc command line you’re using?


Thanks for looking into this. I create the .exe by building devicequery.cu in MS Visual Studio 2005. Then I try to run the resulting devicequery.exe. This is the result:

C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA CUDA SDK\bin\win32\Debug>devicequery.


Cuda error in file ‘deviceQuery.cu’ in line 53 : feature is not yet implemented.

I notice however that my .exe file requires cutil32D.dll whereas the one you provide with the SDK (which runs fine) requires cutil32.dll

Usually, this is caused by a mismatch between the toolkit and driver versions you have installed. Perhaps you have the pre-compiled CUDA 1.1 SDK and the corresponding driver, but are recompiling it with the CUDA 2.0 beta toolkit?

Well, it seems that you are right, although I’m not sure if is a version erro.

What’s happening is that the pre-compiled .exe files, which run fine, call for cudart.dll. However, when I compile the files myself the .exe files look for cudartD.dll.

Why would that happen? How do I make my files call for cudart.dll?

Thanks for your help!

Sorry, the files are cutil32.dll and cutil32D.dl, not cart…