Feature request for omniClientLiveProcess()


based on the c+±api-documentation omniClientLiveProcess() cannot be called while no other usd-apis are called. That makes sence because thise calls would create more changes to the usd scenes that are synced by calling omniClientLiveProcess().

But what if a process maintains more than one usd scene in parallel (like in our scenario)? Than calling omniClientLiveProcess() created a bottleneck because no usd scene can be changed while the changes (that are made to one of those scenes) are synced.

Would it be possible to extend omniClientLiveProcess() to pass the usd-file one would like to sync? In that way it would be possible to change and sync more than one usd scene in parallel without creating a bottleneck.

That would realy help us.



Hi @c.bickmeier. Seems logical. I’ll send this over to the dev team.

Hi Carl, this has also been requested by internal users. We are working on a solution for this, and hope that it will be rolled out to the public soon.

Very cool… thank you very much

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