File loading is held up by connection error

When I launch my file.usd which is a warehouse environment with a lot of assets, the laucnhing of the file is stuck on “server omniverse:// ConnectionStatus.CONNECTING”. After a while it just says “server omniverse:// ConnectionStatus.CONNECT_ERROR”.

I checked my network configuration and nothing is blocking any connection and the assets I use for this are only from the basic NVIDIA assets provided in a local nucleus server.

I also get a lot of warnings like this when launching this environment:
“2024-03-16 15:04:48 [123,708ms] [Warning] [rtx.neuraylib.plugin] [MDLC:COMPILER] 1.0 MDLC comp warn : omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assets/Isaac/2023.1.1/NVIDIA/Assets/Characters/Reallusion/Worker/Materials/OmniRLBase.mdl?watch=000079dc8f2666d0(74,26): C302 conversion from ‘float’ to ‘float3’ must be explicit”

Would anyone have any idea how to solve that problem ?

@wdroin i am just another user so take my input as a grain of salt. in my experience, warnings don’t always result in errors and sometimes aren’t 100% correlated with the exact error you are getting. that said, they provide points for consideration when trying to troubleshoot any given error.

the connection issue seems to pertain to simready assets hsed in your warehouse scene. could you try replicating the same connection error by dragging a SimReady asset into an empty stage? also, it could help provide the mods/devs additional context if you are willing to upload the most recent .log file, which you can find inside the directory mentioned under section 1 from the link below: