./flash.sh fails:Invalid target board - jetson-xavier

$ ./flash.sh jetson-xavier mmcblk0p1
Error: Invalid target board - jetson-xavier.
In Linux_for_Tegra directory,I did not find jetson-xavier.conf or jetson-agx-xavier-devkit.conf,jetson-agx-xavier-devkit-emmc.conf. I download L4T SDK from this link :Jetson Linux R32.6.1 Release Page | NVIDIA Developer, Where can I find the L4T SDK with these configurations? Or how to make jetson-xavier.sh from other similar .conf? thanks!

Then what do you have under the L4T folder??

$ ls
apply_binaries.sh l4t_generate_soc_bup.sh p3449-0000+p3448-0002.conf
bootloader nvautoflash.sh p3450.conf
build_l4t_bup.sh nvmassflashgen.sh p3542-0000+p3448-0003-qspi.conf
flash.sh nvsdkmanager_flash.sh p3542-0000+p3448-0003-qspi-sd.conf
jetson-nano-2gb-devkit.conf nv_tegra p3542.conf
jetson-nano-devkit.conf nv_tools README_Autoflash.txt
jetson-nano-devkit-emmc.conf p2371.conf README_Massflash.txt
jetson-nano-emmc.conf p2597-0000+p2180-1000-24x7.conf README_RAPID_BOOT.txt
jetson-nano-qspi.conf p2597-0000+p2180-1000.conf rootfs
jetson-nano-qspi-sd.conf p3448-0000.conf.common source
jetson-tx1.conf p3448-0000-max-spi.conf source_sync.sh
jetson-tx1-devkit.conf p3449-0000+p3448-0000-qspi.conf tools
kernel p3449-0000+p3448-0000-qspi-sd.conf TX1_boot-firmware-redundancy.txt

What device are you using?
You posted in the Jetson Nano section, but you flashed with the option for Jetson Xavier?

jetson agx xavier

Moved to agx xavier forum.

The BSP of Jetson nano and xavier are different.

In brief, you downloaded the wrong file.

I see.thank you!

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