Flashing color when opening applications in Guest OS.


We are currently doing a POC and our users are having a little issue with what seems the Nvidia Drivers in the GUest OS (Windows 8.1, using M60-1Q profil)

Most of the time, when a user open a Window in the Guest OS the window is flash with multiple colors for less than a second. It almost every applications (Windows explorer, Nvidia Control Panel, Autodesk Revit etc.).

Anyone know what could be the problem ?

Here is a recording in slowmotion:


Your transition problems looks like -> https://gridforums.nvidia.com/default/topic/8651/xenapp/windows-flickering-while-using-nvidia-m60-in-passthrough/post/12373/#12373
Maybe like -> https://gridforums.nvidia.com/default/topic/382/nvidia-grid-apis/dx11-fullscreen-weird-output-on-console-/1 (This issue NVidia refuses to repair it).

Hi mcerveny,
thanks for your feedback but you should investigate properly. The issue above is already fixed in the latest GRID release.
@MadMiki: Please update to the latest GRID driver to have this fixed.

best regards


Not repaired in GRID 4.6.

GRID4.x didn’t have the issue at all. So not sure what you mean.