Start Menu graphical glitches when PC remotely accessed, has no screen connected


I am an IT worker and I have been setting up a lot of PCs remotely during the past year. I have come across a very annoying glitch or bug that appears to only occur on Windows 10 PCs that have Nvidia cards. The Start Menu looks to be incorrectly displayed or sized, it is unusable really.

The conditions are as follows

Windows 10 v1809 LTSC
PC has an Nvidia card (I have seen it with P620 and P1000)
The PC has no monitor attached or the monitor is off
PC accessed remotely using software such as Dameware or DesktopCentral (issue does not occur with Microsoft Remote Desktop)
Latest Windows security updates installed. Issue not present when I first deploy our Windows image, but occurs after updating, have tried uninstalling all the updates I can, with no luck.

I have tried a variety of Nvidia drivers, if I uninstall the driver so that ‘Microsoft Basic Display Adapter’ is used then the issue does not occur.