Flashing Jetson Tx2 with sdk manager

while flashing jetson with sdkmanager I was able to install ubuntu but after accepting the terms sdk displayed divice disconnected and I saw network is connection was off show I again adjusted lan and retried it showed installing flash drive but after a while I get flashing skipped on the sdk manager and there was error on installation of computer vision on the host side.
. How can I repeat the procedure from beginning so that I can install all of the packages?

Hi samirroj2016,

What’s your host Ubuntu machine version?
after accepting the terms sdk displayed divice disconnected
–> What is this means? Can you using sdkmanager flash image on your TX2 success?

kernal version of host is 4.4.0-167-generic.
Both host and kit are connected to the ethernet and I started sdk manager after following step 1 and step 2 i.e after selecting jetson tx2 as target device it started downloading software and after completion I used forced recovery (manual method) for flashing the kit and the flashing started. In between I created user name and password for the kit. after this there was discontinuity in connection of host and kit for a while and they seem to connected again and I try to flash jetson with other packages it displayed flashing suspended after a while.
Now, how can I install all of packages from the beginning in the kit?
currently theres ubuntu tiagra installed on the kit

FYI, flash only installs the base operating system. After flash completes (and the Jetson is fully booted, no longer in recovery mode) the other packages can be added (via ssh).

During the run of SDKM/JetPack there are some options which may not appear to be selectable. You can deselect flash and just install packages. You can select to just install packages to the Jetson, or to just install packages to the host PC…the two are usually independent. One exception is that the sample applications may want to cross compile on the host PC before copy to the Jetson.

If you do not want to flash the Jetson, then simply don’t put it in recovery mode. If you are not adding packages to the Jetson, there is no need to even give the login name/pass or connect the Jetson at all.