Flashing Orin NX from ubuntu 20.04 stuck on “Waiting for target to boot-up”

I am trying to flash my Orin Nx through ubuntu 20.04. I am using these steps for flasing like in totorial: Quick Start — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation.
But i can’t falsh complete when start step flash to device. I was search other posts. They talk i my host can dectect my board. So, How i can fix this error. Thanks you.
Here are my logs:

code_log.txt (221.8 KB)
I try flash by sdkManager it doesn’t have any fails.

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You can help me move to this. It’s the first time, I ask in forums.

Why not you directly use sdkmanager GUI to flash your board first?

The first time I used sdkmanager GUI to flash and it didn’t have any error. But when I flash by cmd then have appear an error like this. I want to build from the source code to customize it with my proposal and can add some drivers for this. Can you have ideas to solve my problem?

I notice you are using p3509-p3767 board config to flash in cmd. What is the purpose to use that?

When you used sdkmanager, it was not using this board config to flash but orin nano devkit confi.

So, What do I have to fix in my cmd command? When i use this cmd with my orin nano devkit it have the same error

Just in case you don’t know where to read document.

This doc can directly let you copy and paste flash command.


when i use jetson-orin-nano-devkit it fails can’t find the file as below:
orin_log1.txt (6.8 KB)
But when i try using jetson-agx-orin-devkit-as-nx-8gb it appear to fail like this:
orin_log.txt (6.3 KB)

Could you share us the file list under your /home/datcq/Workspaces/top_dir/Linux_for_Tegra/?

hey you can see
orin_log2.txt (2.9 KB)

Which BSP version are you using here?

I feel you are using a very old BSP which even not really supports orin nano devkit yet.

Please at least upgrade to rel-35.3.1 or rel-35.4.1.

But my driver camera just supports upto 35.2.1. So what i can do to add supportive orin nano devkit to my BSP

What kind of carrier board are you using now to flash? Is it p3509 from xavier nx devkit? or p3768 from orin nano devkit? or none of them?

yah, i have xavier nx devkit
So, I must change cmd to fit with my carrier board

Please dump the uart log when flash failure happened.

Here is my log from console
orin_log3.txt (31.2 KB)

Are you sure this is full log?

i am sorry when i copy and paste. There is a full log.
orin_log3.txt (112.2 KB)

Looks like boot stuck in UEFI.

I don’t think we should spend much time debugging this. Please try to ask camera vendor if you can get camera driver in latest version.