Focus 3 via CloudXR/SteamVR color banding/posterization


I’m experiencing heavy artifacts when streaming to Focus 3 via CloudXR, see the image below (the picture is from another forum post, but the artifacts are the same). This happens in SteamVR home as well as all other VR applications. I’m using the latest CloudXR 3.1.1, I’ve tried both the NVIDIA-provided sample client and the HTC client with fixed stereo projection to no avail.

When I try to dump the images using -d option, both on server and client, the artifacts are not present there.

Is this bandwidth/qos related? Though I doubt it as I’ve tried it on various setups including really high bandwidth/low latency and the result is exactly the same everywhere.

I’m happy to provide more logs/info as needed.

Thank you,

We will be reviewing this ongoing, but for the moment, in the 3.2 release you are able to force the app into LINEAR gamma, and that seems to make a big improvement. Our entire pipeline is sRGB, and works on Quest, but something is off and Focus isn’t setting up some part of the sRGB path properly (best we have been able to debug). Running in linear mode should work around the issue in 3.2+ for the moment.

Hi, I can confirm that the linear mode works around the issue, though the colors/brightness are little off, which is to be expected. The major color banding is gone though.



thanks for letting us know.

yes, the colors will be a bit off, as there is some kind of double conversion occurring somewhere in the processing, and these conversions are sometimes lossy. We’ll continue to push on HTC to help us investigate the issue and get the sRGB path working fully, so we get the expected end to end result.

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