CloudXR Android SDK on Vive Focus 3

Hi everyone,

Was playing today with the SDK on Vive Focus 3, manage to run it correctly, but there is a resolution problem (obvious because it is made to run on Focus Plus), you can see the controllers, the SteamVR environment, but with big eye problems :-)

Wanted to know where/how I can tweak things to update the code to work on the Vive Focus 3

Thanks !

Can you send a picture of the problem, along with client and server logs from the run?

We’re working with HTC and have not heard of any issues from them on the F3, and given we work on so many different headsets, I’m admittedly at a loss to understand what you are seeing that is wrong.


Thanks for the answer. I will send the logs and screens. But I was worried it wasn’t yet supported, so it is good news ! I followed the guidelines explained there : Wave VR Client (Android) — NVIDIA CloudXR SDK documentation

Just a bug in the beginning with the permissions but then it launches.